Cafe Beignet. It’s located right on Bourbon Street, but it is a breath of fresh air. You’re walking along amidst a wild, drunk, loud, obnoxious, (and sometimes naked) crowd. The street is filled with trash, music is blaring from each bar and balcony…until you reach 311 Bourbon, Musical Legends Park. If you’re out there in the evening (which I have been each time), you’ll hear the sounds of the jazz band Steamboat Willie playing on the outdoor patio, you’ll see a diverse people (families, couples, singles, young and old) leisurly enjoying their food and drinks.

This, the food, and the service is what make Cafe Beignet my favorite French Quarter spot. The atmosphere is just my style, and if I were a local, I’d be a regular.

I’m that person that orders the same thing everytime they go to a restaurant. You can’t go wrong then, right? My “same thing” from Cafe Beignet is the jambalaya. It comes with chicken and sausage, and french bread is included. I can’t recommend everything on the menu since I haven’t tried it, but I 100% recommend the jambalaya. And it’s cheap. Its a win-win. I’ve also ordered beignets for dessert, and they were pretty delicious. Messy, but delicious.

The people that work at Cafe Beignet are super attentative, helpful, and friendly without being fake. (This happens in California a lot–stay tuned for a post!). They’ll answer any questions you have, come find you to bring you your food no matter how tucked away in a crowd of people you might be. They don’t act like you’re a nuisance if you stop them while they’re walking from table to table. No, I haven’t been 100 times yet, or even 5, but you can tell when service is good or bad, and here, it’s good.

The music of Steamboat Willie is great jazz. Upbeat and fun to watch while you’re enjoying every little bit of rice from your jambalaya. It’s still Bourbon street once you walk out of the gate, but they provide a little something different (yet still classic New Orleans) in that little space of their’s.
Cafe Beignet is my favorite little French Quarter gem. I hope you’ll stop by and see for yourself sometime…maybe it’ll become yours too.

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